Special Coronavirus Ear Care and Wax Removal Clinics

Hearbase is operating special Coronavirus Ear Wax Removal clinics at the following locations:

Bexleyheath – every Wednesday
Bromley – every Wednesday
White Cliffs Surgery in Dover – every Monday and Wednesday
Ashford at Spencer Private Hospital – every Friday
Deal – every Thursday
Canterbury Medical Practice – every Thursday.

Strict social distancing and hygiene/PPE protocols are being followed during the procedure for your safety. Appointments are popular at these clinics, so please call 0800 028 6179 or email [email protected] as soon as possible to book.

Our specially trained audiologists can remove earwax quickly, safely and painlessly using special techniques, water irrigation or microsuction.

Sensitive ears

Microsuction is particularly well suited for people who need to have wax removed from their ears but can’t get them wet. It is also suitable for people with extra sensitive ears or who have had ear surgery.

Although wax in the ear canal is normal, a build-up of excessive wax can cause problems. This is especially true for hearing aid wearers. It can also lead to pain, discomfort and tinnitus.

Managing earwax

At your ear care appointment you will also receive advice on ways to manage your wax problem. You will be offered the opportunity to have your ears checked regularly to prevent future wax build-up.

If you have any concerns about your hearing you can have a hearing check at the same time as your wax removal at no extra charge.

Available to buy from the Hearbase Webshop

Used regularly it will prevent the build-up of earwax.


Earol olive oil spray softens and naturally removes earwax.

Earol Olive Oil Spray