ACS T15™ Universal Fit Earphones


A completely versatile in-ear monitor that can be used straight from the box or with ER and PRO series ear moulds.


The T15 is one of the most versatile in-ear monitors available, offering both custom and universal fit options. The T15 comes with a broad array of interchangeable generic tips to fit any ear so you can enjoy the T15’s clarity and accuracy straight from the box, regardless of your ear shape. This ensures a snug, isolating fit every time. If you’re a user of either ER series or PRO series custom-fit earplugs you can also use the T15 as a custom-fit monitor by simply removing the filters from your earplugs and pressing the T15 in their place, giving you instant custom-fit monitors. This means that you can easily upgrade your T15 to custom-fit with a set of ER or PRO series custom moulds.