I Feel Like I Have New Ears

I feel like I have new ears

Jeanne Dove was surprised by the sounds of a ticking clock and creaking floorboards after we fitted her with new hearing aids.

She says she has grasped back memories of different sounds long forgotten.

And classical music is also back in her life, thanks to her new hearing aids. Here is what she told us:

“I am nearly ninety and it feels like I have new ears.

“Partial deafness unfortunately affected me after a stroke, although I also experienced two bomb blasts during my childhood in the Second World War. Hearing aids were supplied originally by the NHS and have helped. But over the last 10 years, with increasing difficulties hearing and worsening tinnitus, I felt I wanted to try private hearing aids, to see if they would be more beneficial.

The tinnitus has subsided

“Hearbase tested and supplied my new Widex hearing aids at home. The hearing aids speak to me to tell me I have the aids in the correct “right” or “left” ear, so I don’t get mixed up. I use a remote control to change between four programmes: universal, urban, phone and music.

“The clarity has given me immense pleasure and the tinnitus has subsided. External sounds like creaking floorboards and the clock ticking did surprise me, as did the sound of wind roaring around the house in the recent storms.

I now have two-way discussions

“Conversations on the telephone are excellent and reduced the stress of having to ask people to repeat. I now have two-way discussions and I have grasped back memories of different sounds, long forgotten. The joy of classical music is firmly back in my life.  I am so grateful for the technology that is helping me, and the services provided by all at Hearbase.”

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