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Hearing Aid Products: WIDEX

Widex - digital hearing aids, hearing loss and quality of life

At Widex, we are committed to giving people with hearing loss a better quality of life - through research, development and production of hearing aids as well as through comprehensive information. This has made Widex a world leader in digital hearing aid manufacturing.

  Mind 440 / 330
Mind 440-330

Widex proudly introduces mind – a hearing aid family of the highest quality and with models to suit all types of hearing loss.

The mind™ family comprises the mind440 and mind330 hearing aid series.

With the mind series, exceptional sound has got even better – with even better technology and even better benefits for you.

Inteo accessories
During the fitting session, the Dynamic Integrator is profiled with information about your personal preferences and needs. Inteo will then tailor the sounds to fit you.

Inteo – tailoring the world to you. Inteo is a unique hearing aid that matches your needs and preferences. The revolutionary new technology inside Inteo is designed to make the world fit your hearing requirements and bring you the sounds you want and need.


How does it work?
The core of Inteo is the Dynamic Integrator™, which operates with the single goal: to create personally tailored sound that satisfies the individual user’s needs in any specific listening situation.


The Widex REAL™ series offers you the reassurance of renowned Widex technology together with a simple, easy to use and discreet hearing aid.

Widex REAL is an affordable but state-of-the-art hearing aid that does not compromise performance or sound. REAL: real solutions to real situations.

The unique Integrated Signal Processing platform allows all signal processes in Widex REAL to be continuously synchronised in accordance with changes in the listening environment and the individual hearing profile.

This works to ensure optimum and individualised performance at all times – even in noisy environments.

Passion remote

The receiver, or loudspeaker, in conventional hearing instruments occupies a lot of space. By placing it in the ear canal, Widex has developed one of the smallest, most technically advanced hearing instruments yet created.

Widex has created the Passion™ hearing instrument series for those of you who care about the details. Passion is the world’s smallest Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing instrument - it is so small and discreet that it seems virtually invisible.

The Passion series comprises Passion PA-115, PA-110 and PA-105 - all three models with focus on unique features, sound quality and design.

Passion Range

Listening is made easier with the Widex Flash™ hearing aid series.

Widex has based Flash hearing aid models around four Easy Listening cornerstones – Easy Sound, Easy Use, Easy Fit and Easy Value.

These enable the Widex Flash hearing aid series to provide essential advantages in performance and reliability. Widex Flash is designed to be of benefit in daily life, whether as a first-time user or as an experienced user.

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